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John is a 26-year-old male who has recently been diagnosed as HIV positive. He comes to your organization hoping to seek supportive services for persons diagnosed with HIV. John is employed at a local fast food restaurant earning minimum wage. He does have some medical insurance but the overall coverage in his plan is limited. John is concerned about expensive HIV medications and also wants to know if there are other people in the community with the same diagnosis.

You are the human service worker assigned to work with John. In a 2-page paper address the following:

· Identify organizations in your community that provide services to help persons diagnosed with HIV. Explain how and why these services are an appropriate resource for your client.

· Identify national organizations that might also be a resource for your client. Explain the services they provide.

· Discuss any other additional resources or recommendations you might offer this client e.g. internet resources, support groups.

· Are there gaps in services in your community for persons with HIV? Be specific. Give examples.


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