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Throughout this course, some of your assignments will require you to apply what you learn to an example organization or business. Since social media can be different depending on the type of organization/business, your assignments will require you to do various exercises related to these four primary types of organizations:
• B2C (Business-to-consumer) – companies that sell to individual purchasers who buy and consume products/services for personal use.
• B2B (Business-to-Business) – companies that sell to other businesses or entities that use the products/services as part of daily business operations, or to create a final product they sell to consumers.
• Non-profit organization not operated by a government entity – organizations that generate funds, but use what they earn for some type of philanthropic, humanitarian, social or charitable purpose.
• Government agency or group – an entity that provides oversight and administration of specific functions as outlined by its government and is operated by its government. This can be at any level such as in the United States, it could be at a city, state or federal level.

The assignment for this week is to choose one business or organization for each of the four categories listed above. As you go through this course, certain assignments will ask you to apply what you learned to each of your chosen businesses. Because you will be working in context of your four organizations, I suggest you choose ones that you are interested in, since these organizations will be the base of several of your future assignments. A few things to note when making your selections:
• Once you choose these for businesses/organizations, you CANNOT change them.
• If your B2C company also serves the B2B market, you CANNOT use the same company for both categories. Please choose two different companies

Use the form on the next page to provide the names of your selected organizations and some basic background information.

If you need further clarification on whether your choice fits the category, refer to the last section of your weekly guide, or reach out to me with questions.

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