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Compare (what was similar) and contrast (what was different) one specific aspect of Jamestown and
Plymouth. Your topic could include several of the various factors that affected each colony, including:
 founding motive (why each colony was started)
 economy (how each colony survived economically and/or made money, both in theory and in practice)
 food situation (or lack thereof, relating to health and sickness)
 labor force (company employees vs. indentured servants and landowners)
 diplomacy with Native Americans (John Smith & Pocahontas vs. Stephen Hopkins & Squanto)
 government (Jamestown’s General Assembly vs. Plymouth’s Mayflower Compact)
 religious organization (Anglicanism in Jamestown, Separatism in Plymouth)
Terms: during the course of your essay, describe in detail 2 terms from each set below (i.e., 2 from Set #1 and another 2 from
Set #2), focusing on the context (background), definition, and significance (or after-effect) of each of your 2 terms. (NOTE:
this will be the same description format you’ll use for terms on the midterm and final exam, so this is practice for the future!)
Set #1 = Jamestown Colony (Virginia)
the Virginia Company of London, 1606-1624
the “starving time”, 1609-1610
Bermuda, 1609+
headrights vs. indentured servitude, 1618-1690s
food crops vs. cash crops
the Virginia Massacre, 1622
Set #2 = Plymouth Colony (Cape Cod, New England)
the Established Church of England (Anglican Church), 1530+
Separatist Brethren (“Pilgrims” in Plymouth Colony, 1620+)
“religious freedom”
the “Mayflower Compact”, Nov. 1620

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