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Work on creating a strategic plan aimed at boosting the performance of a company. The following case is based on a real company, Curtis & Associates, Inc. (The permission of Dean Curtis, President of the company, has been obtained for the use of his company.) While the case is based on a real company, many of the facts and events are fictional to facilitate the learning of management principles and concepts. Curtis & Associates was founded by Dean Curtis who had formerly taught Speech and Communications at University of Nebraska at Kearney in Kearney, Nebraska.

Dean Curtis formed Curtis & Associates when he was invited by an older student to bid on a contract for the Nebraska Department of Social Services. This student was the manager of the Kearney office of the Department of Social Services. Dean has now organized a company to conduct workshops to train welfare recipients in job search skills.A year has passed, and thanks to your help, it has been a very successful year. Dean’s company has experienced a 70% placement rate for clients who have taken his workshops. This means that 7 out of 10 welfare recipients who have taken his company’s workshops have found jobs. Since this is now to be his line of work, Dean realizes he needs to think long term about his goals for the business.

Write a 3–4 page strategic plan in which you:

Develop at least three long-term strategic goals (3–5 years) for Curtis & Associates.
Make sure these goals meet the criteria for effective goals as outlined in the text.
Provide justification and your rationale for these goals.
Develop the tactical goals (or annual goals) for the company that support the long-term strategic goals.
Provide justification and your rationale for these goals.
Explain the importance of budgets in developing tactical goals, providing detailed support.
Develop operational goals (monthly, weekly, or daily) to reach the tactical goals.
Provide justification and your rationale for these goals.

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