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  1. SWOT analysis   






    You received a memo from your manager asking about the progress of the performance improvement plan. She indicates that selecting an e-prescribing or CPOE function for the current electronic health record will be part of the overall plan to improve patient care. After your review, you realize that you need to complete a SWOT analysis. By performing a SWOT analysis, you can help plan and manage change. Understanding the internal and external environment is also critical to an effective performance improvement plan. For the external environment, look at opportunities and threats. For the internal environment, look at strengths and weaknesses.




Subject Nursing Pages 3 Style APA


E-prescribing and CPOE SWOT Analysis

                Electronic prescribing (e-prescribing) is a tool which is focused on enhancing the patient-centered care. The major focus of this essay is to conduct SWOT analysis on e-Prescribing and Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE).

E-prescribing SWOT Analysis


·         Patient safety

·         Enhanced storage and access of patient details


·         Time consuming


·         Improved prescribing

·         Increased market demand


·         Competition

·         Decreased market share


                E-prescribing is associated with several strengths such as the potential to increase patient safety. According to Porterfield, Engelbert and Coustasse (2014), e-prescribing is effective in reducing the potential medical errors in that it encourages the health provider to confirm important information such as dosage and allergies before administration to ensure patient safety. Moreover, e-prescribing is also associated with the strength of adequate storage. Notably, in the events of a natural disaster, patient medical records can still be accessed through an e-prescribing network. Looking at the associated weaknesses, it is evident that relying on e-prescriptions can be time consuming especially if inaccuracies exist. In this case, additional services are required to clarify the existing inaccuracies before the prescription is provided.

                Increased collaboration with the pharmacists and the medical system is one of the opportunities which further suggest better prescribing options for the patients under the system. Relying on the e-prescribing services increases the market demand of the health care firm as a result of the associated benefits of the tool such as enhanced patient safety (Porterfield, Engelbert & Coustasse, 2014). Despite the associated opportunities, it is evident that the use of e-prescribing is also associated with several challenges such as increased competition. Notably, the firm will face an increased competition from other health care organizations which rely on alternative technologies such as digitalRX. Decreased market share is also a challenge likely to face the firm as a result of the use of e-prescribing, particularly as a result of the challenge of time wastage common when clarifying inaccuracies before providing a prescription.

CPOE SWOT Analysis


·         Enhanced Efficiency

·         Enhanced safety of the patients


·         Challenging user interactions

·         Time consuming activities


·         Better market performance

·         Better brand image


·         Competition

·         Eroded Market share


                CPOE is associated with several strengths such as improved efficiency. The fact that the system enables the health care providers to submit electronic orders suggests that the organization will be able to obtain medication or radiology orders faster(Smith, 2012). The system also ensures an improved patient safety which comes about with the reduced errors since providers will only operate on complete and legible orders as required under the system. The use of CPOE is known to be time-consuming since it is related with increased administration and documentation tasks. Moreover, usability challenges are also common in this case since the system’s interface is considered as ineffective such that hardware/software interactions become wanting (Smith, 2012).

                A better market performance for the health care organization is a potential opportunity as it relies on the use of CPOE. Evidently, increased patient safety means that most patients will want to access the firm’s services in comparison to that of the competitors. Also, reduced errors stemming from the use of the system boosts the health care organization’s brand image among the stakeholders (Smith, 2012). Competition is a threat likely to be experienced from firms which rely on CPOE alternatives. With increased competition comes an eroded market share for the health care organization.






Porterfield, A., Engelbert, K., & Coustasse, A. (2014). Electronic prescribing: improving the efficiency and accuracy of prescribing in the ambulatory care setting. Perspectives in health information management11(Spring), 1g.

Smith, P. A. (2012). Change Management. Making Computerized Provider Order Entry Work, 61–89.




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