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Case Study
Are you a Systems Thinker? How would you use systems thinking to effectively manage and impact an organization?
Taking into consideration what you have learned this term, provide substantive and constructive responses for at least 2 cases that would help the subject
organizations move toward the future. Build and expand upon the work of the consultant whose case you are analyzing and commenting on.
Focus on strategies that impact effectiveness and efficiency.
Discuss change strategies and identify which actions should be focused on first.
Include details and even screen grabs from your own final presentation to share with others in your posts or include a short video to help make your points.
Use resources from this session and/or others and research-based articles from the online library to support your strategies and analysis. Consider any and
all factors that have been presented and/or discussed during the course.
Respond to posts made about your own case.
All Initial post responses are due by Saturday, August 6
Please read over the rubric and ensure you address each block under “excellent”. If you require more resources or


How would you use systems thinking to effectively manage and impact an organization

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