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Listen to the audio segment Teachers’ Expectations Can Influence How Students Perform and read the accompanying text. Read the rest of this week’s resources.
Using these resources, develop a paper that includes the following:
1. A brief description of the 1968 Rosenthal and Jacobson study
2. A brief description of the four goals of an anti-bias curriculum
3. Specific examples of how our expectations of children align with components of the anti-bias curriculum
4. A development of strategies. First, select a grade level between K and 3. Then describe three strategies learned from the resources that you would implement to help create an inclusive and secure environment for students. These strategies should develop expectations for student interactions that create a positive classroom climate of mutual respect and support.
5. An example of how the learning community will allow students to assume responsibility for themselves, to participate in decision making, and to work together to engage in purposeful learning activities

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