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The Affordable Health Care Act (ACA) was enacted in March, 2010 (Healthcare.gov,
n.d.) to increase the availability of healthcare to Americans. Several changes have
been made to the law in recent years, and as recently as 2021 adjustments were
made to the provisions of the ACA (Andrews, 2021). In this capstone paper you will
analyze the impact of the law on expenditures for health care. (How did this act
change/affect the amount spent on healthcare?)
Activity Instructions
Using the concepts, you have learned in this class, up to and including this week,
analyze the law and potential changes on health care expenditures in the United
States from the time before the Affordable Health Care Act was passed to the
present time. Also compare the changes in expenditures on health care if a
single-payer plan was adopted.
Among other concepts that you can utilize in your analysis, you may consider the
supply and demand in the healthcare market (both on the output market and on
the input markets), elasticity, Economies of Scale and Scope, incentives facing the
market participants, the role that preventative medicine may have, moral hazard and
adverse selection issues, availability of insurance, as well as any other concepts from
the course that you find relevant.

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