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    Once your teacher has approved and graded your topic, thesis statement and outline, you may begin writing your first draft, following the outline that you wrote earlier.

    Here is your goal for this assignment:

    • Write and revise a critical essay.


    The purpose of this project is for you to demonstrate your abiity to use the thesis statement and outline completed in the previous project to write a critical essay of at least 700 words (not including the outline) on the aspect of the play Hamlet that you have chosen. (This project is the second of two that are required to develop and write an essay.)

    Using the approved thesis statement and outline from the previous project, write your critical essay on the play Hamlet.

    If you choose to use outside sources, document them in a properly formatted works cited page.

    You are expected to use references and quotations from the play to defend your thesis. These must be documented using proper MLA in-text citation format. Works-cited will list the play version used, also.

    Revise your project in order to achieve the most effective wording and transitions, as well as for correct spelling and mechanics. If possible, have someone read your work and suggest changes.

    When you are ready to submit your project for grading, be sure to include your outline with the critical essay.

    Your essay will be graded based on the following:

    • your attention to the instructions given above
    • your development and defense of your thesis statement
    • inclusion of approved outline
    • appropriate length
    • correct MLAcitations and works-cited format
    • your incorporation of material from the play in a logical and coherent presentation
    • use of proper punctuation, spelling, grammar, and sentence construction (commonly called “conventions”), and appropriate length

    NOTE: Check with your teacher to determine whether there may be other special requirements.

    This project will be graded using the research rubric.


Subject Essay Writing Pages 3 Style APA


The Destructive Nature of Revenge in Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Revenge, undoubtedly, leads to destruction as it is a trait which triggers many negative emotions and causes an individual to act blindly. In Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet, revenge is demonstrated by not only Hamlet, but also by two other key characters of the play; Laertes and Fortinbras. In specific, all the three characters face the mountainous task of avenging their nemesis who had hurt not only their families, but also their family names. As such, revenge is used in the quest to protect family honor. However, vengeance causes great destruction throughout the play and many people caught up in the circle of both vengeance and destruction. The quest to vengeance results in death of many people which thus demonstrates that it is crushing to the human spirit and human life.

            Revenge triggers many negative emotions and causes people to think blindly and thus prompting heinous acts.

The quest for vengeance breeds feelings of hate which takes over the mind of an individual causing fear and indecision.

Revenge causes death and destruction of families and thus unnecessary and uncalled for.

In conclusion, Shakespeare’s play Hamlet demonstrates that the quest for vengeance not only crushes human spirit, but also death and destruction of families. The actions of the three primary characters, Hamlet, Laertes, and Fortinbras, illustrates that revenge triggers negative emotions and breeds feelings of hate which lead to people acting blindly. The number of deaths in Hamlet which are caused by the quest for vengeance as well as families broken in the play exemplifies that revenge is destructive to the human spirit and human life.



Shakespeare, William. The tragedy of Hamlet, prince of Denmark. Мультимедийное издательство Стрельбицкого, 2018. http://proseproductionsinc.homestead.com/1102_Hamlet_Guttenber_1604.pdf


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