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Why Mobile Apps? If potential customers cannot reach your services, they are lost potential customers. Smartphones, tablets, and other nontraditional devices are pervasive in the market. The onus of responsibility is on developers to help customers get a product anywhere. Do competitors offer products or services your organization does not? Is that why they have an app? Is there a market an organization desires to expand into? If an organization is already in that market, can they add any features to an app that will have more draw than their competitors?
• Why is mobile development difficult? Explain.
• Why do some organizations think they do not need a mobile presence?
• Why do organizations need a mobile application?

Rumrill, Fitzgerald, S., & Ware, M. (2000). Guidelines for evaluating research articles. Work (Reading, Mass.), 14(3), 257–263.
Please use the article to answer the below questions:
• What is an Information Technology Project?
• Identify & explain the major parts of a research paper.
• Explain the difference(s) between qualitative vs quantitative research methods.
• Why use Peer Reviewed journals?
• Why are keywords used during the Literature Review process?
• Why are project deliverables, limitations & deadlines an important aspect of project development?
• Why use/apply APA Basic Citation Stiles in your writing assignments/research?
• Why is Academic Integrity important (see syllabus)?
• Explain the difference between plagiarism vs self-plagiarism?

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