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  1.  The Gospels    


    What is the meaning of the word Gospel?


Subject Religion Pages 2 Style APA


The Gospel: Short Questions

Question 1: What is the meaning of the word Gospel?

The word gospel is defined as good news to the world brought by Jesus Christ. According to Christian perspective, the good news is that God is coming to humanity and that through faith in Him, individuals might find new and eternal life (Schaefer 175). However, there are different definitions of the term Gospel. For instance, in the New Testament, the word Gospel often means to speak the Good News in the power of the spirit. Nevertheless, in the second century, the word Gospel gradually came to mean a book containing the story of Jesus’ life.

Question 2: Where did the word Gospel originate from?

The word Gospel was an ancient word when Christians first put it to use with distinct a meaning. Originally, the word Gospel meant the reward given to an individual who brought good news and then came to mean good news itself (Schaefer 175). The word Gospel originated from “Good-spel,” which indicted good news. According to the New Testament, Jesus Christ is the Gospel and the good news presented to the world by God. Moreover, Christians believe that good news was to be spoken and proclaimed.

Question 3: What are the differences and similarities between the ancient and modern definitions of the Gospel?

The main difference between ancient and modern understanding of the Gospel is that the current Christian Gospel is in a new kind of book, while the ancient Gospel is described as bringing good news. On the other hand, the main similarity between ancient and modern understanding of the word Gospel is that they both mean good news (Schaefer 175). According to the ancient definition, the Gospel was a person presenting good news. From a modern Christian perspective, the Gospel is good news delivered by Jesus Christ written in a particular book.


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Appendix A:

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