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Prepare an essay exposing the reasons to be agree or disagree with the Healthy People 2020 Agenda.


Subject Essay Writing Pages 12 Style APA


Healthy People 2020 is a prevention agenda launched by the federal government to create a healthy American state. It was started in 2010 by the US Department of Health and Human Services Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP). It aimed to promote health and prevent diseases to improve Americans’ lives within a period of ten years. Healthy People’s vision is to create a society where everyone can attain their full potential health-wise in their lifespan. Its mission is to strengthen and appraise the nation’s efforts to better the health and general well-being of all people (Koh& Parekh, 2018). The United States has realized tremendous progress in the health sector since the launching of Healthy People 2020. For instance, the major causes of deaths like cancer and heart disease have been reduced. The rate of maternal and infant mortality has also declined, and risk factors such as hypertension, tobacco smoking, and elevated cholesterol have been lowered, whereas childhood vaccinations have increased. Healthy People 2020 emphasize the need to collaborate across agencies at both local and national levels and private and public to promote a healthier nation together. There have been disagreements about this federal’s preventive initiative because some people who really need it are excluded. However, this essay agrees with it because it promotes health and adolescents and young adults’ lives, prevents unintentional violence and injuries, and addresses all hazards with urgency.
One of the main reasons I agree with Healthy People 2020 is its objective to promote health and the well-being of all American citizens. Its vision is to have a strong nation where people can live healthier and longer lives. It aims at identifying the key health preventable threats to reduces them from occurring. The prevention initiative encourages the public to embrace healthy eating diets and maintain healthier body weights as these reduce the chances of advancing chronic diseases. In fact, through the plan the rate of infectious illnesses mortality has reduced due to the release of various disease preventive immunizations. Also, life expectancy has increased due to improved measures taken to elevate child survival, and advancements in chronic diseases have lowered due to the provision of a healthier diet and weight programs (Hansen et al., 2018). It is a plan that emphasis modifying individual’s behaviors, habits, and patterns, which mostly affect healthy living. It has established policies and environments that support such programs in different settings such as local community-based organizations and schools to ensure every person become aware of living a healthy lifestyle to prevent disease threats.
Healthy People 2020 have implemented a plan that promotes the Adolescents and Young Adult’s lives. Therefore, this is a good reason I agree with it because the transitional period during adolescence can be challenging for both adolescents and teens as they try to cope with new life changes and learn to be independent. Additionally, young adults having attained the age of majority face numerous socio-economic challenges with minimal support from organizations, especially when needed to take on adults’ responsibilities and obligations. Healthy People 2020 has interventions initiatives such as Positive Youth Development (PYD) that help the youths with resources, support, and opportunities to become competent and thriving adults to be imitated (Semega, Fonteno &Kollar, 2017). Through the initiative, the youths get a chance to bond with caring and knowledgeable adults, reducing their chances of involving themselves in risky behaviors. On the other hand, the initiative encourages parents to engage in their adolescents’ lives by supervising what they do to provide a safe environment for their exploration and growth. All these are achieved through the Healthy People 2020 plan making it an amazing program for American citizens.
Again I agree with Healthy People 2020 because it aims to prevent unintentional violence and injuries and reduce their impacts. There are too many cases of violence and injuries in society today, which can be intentional, and unintentional (Pronk & Ochiai, 2020). These violence and injuries have been identified as top killers among people of all ages in American society today. However, many people have accepted them as acts of fate, accidents, or just part of life, not knowing the Healthy People 2020 initiative is on the frontline to try to curb the occurrence of any of these. The program acknowledges that circumstances resulting in disability, injury, or death can be predicted, thus be prevented, thus reducing serious impacts such as high medical costs, poor mental health, premature deaths, and other potential life costs. Besides, Healthy People 2020 is an agreeable preventive plan because it addresses all hazards with urgency, emphasizing on, and preparing preparedness before calamities strike (Bolinet et al., 2015). It highly supposes emergency preparedness should be a priority in the public health sector to prevent catastrophic effects of natural disasters like disease attacks, fire, hurricane, terrorism, among others. The agenda believes that it necessary to put measures to prevents all hazards (Semega, 2017). Additionally, Healthy people 2020 also ensure a safe working environment for workers through the Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) initiative to prevent diseases, deaths, and injuries at the workplace (Munro& Hope, 2020). Its advocacy is to have workers access better working conditions such that they are not overworked, underpaid, or discriminated against based on their gender, race, or religion.
To sum up, Healthy People 2020 is a great preventive plan that promotes public health and lives of adolescents’ and young adults, prevents unintentional violence and injuries, and addresses all hazards with urgency. The initiative’s goal is to improve the lives of American citizens through healthy living and disease prevention. Therefore, the plan is just the right choice for any country to have a healthy nation.


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