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The Importance of Photography


Photography is the art of taking and processing photographs. I have been practicing photography not only as a hobby, but also as an informative art for the last four years. Over the years, the art has intensively molded me as a photographer and expanded my view for art. Photography has taken a substantial amount of my time in respective to my scheduled timetable; this amounts to 2-4 hours per day.

Commonly referred to as “the Universal Language”, photography has a unique tendency to speak all people globally (Coax, 2021), call it a global media, if you will. It doesn’t chose as everyone can relate to its detailed artistic work and its magnificence. More or less, people have been and are still taking photography for granted despite of its reverence and relevance in a number of ways which I am going to talk about in this text. The art connects people of different cultures, language, ethnicity and even religion with a single image. According to Coax (2021), photography dates back to early 1800s.

Photography has a vital value to the society because of its common language, it is able to bring different people together to a common mindset in terms of development and socialism. This encourages inter-relations and co-dependence as people get to know one another and in turn support each other in various ways. It is impossible to factor out issues and relatively solving them without conversing, photography offers this platform.

The very first time I developed an interest in photography was when I first joined a club which was called Creative Art and Photography in high school. Our club included of young talented members who had a deep love for photo-shooting. We normally organized wildlife trips where we would camp out for days, capturing detailed and beautiful photos of nature. These included zebras, lions, and hippopotamus among others. We visited national parks with approval from the school management and the wildlife resorts. The club engaged in hiking activities where I took photos of the high mountain peaks and the flowing rivers which travelled all the way down the valleys. At this stage I developed love for photography, I have been capturing photos of almost everything ever since.

There are various types of photography, in this text I am going to talk about 4 types of photography which include: still life, travel, landscape and wildlife photography’s. As I mentioned earlier, photo-taking requires a lot of time especially travel, since you have to travel to capture wildlife images and even landscape photos. This is a challenge as you have to be travel fit and sometimes visit sites that may pose danger to your physical body. Another challenging factor is finance in terms of travel cost, also not forgetting the accessories needed to ensure success of the project. These accessories include camera, with lenses varying from wide angle lenses, macro lenses and optical zoom lenses. As puzzling as it may seem, the final result redeems all the effort and resources used to achieve the perfect picture.

As the name suggests, still life photography is involves inanimate objects­-those made by man and natural ones. It can be creative or commercial depending on your preference. Still photography is frequently used in product advertising, photographers usually seek for object selection, arrangement and lighting in response to getting the perfect shot (Schumacher, 2018).

Travel photography can possibly relate to the previous mentioned type but with a slight distinction. This type also includes inanimate objects. Unlike still photography, travel photography comprises of both landscape and wildlife photography’s. I most likely enjoy this field as it opens up my mind through seeing a lot of things and in the process engaging in socialization.

Landscape photography fits in well since you are constantly travelling to interesting places and taking shots of spectacular views (Gaither, 2021). Furthermore, wildlife is another fine field to capture images of exotic creatures and their culture and way of life. Wildlife photography tells a story, a story of the vastness of the jungle; hunting, recreation and the mysterious vibe of nature. There is nothing satisfying to me as the untold tales of nature and its mysteries.







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