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Introduction to Medieval and Early Modern Western European Civilization Final Paper Assignment (500 points) Due: Thursday, December 15, 2022 Your final paper, which will be due during our Final Examination Week, on or by Thursday, December 15, 2022, will be an 8-10 page paper, answering the following question: If all of the primary sources you have read, viewed (if they were works of art) or listened to (if they were musical works) are placed in chronological order—that is, with the oldest sources first, and the most recent source last—in which area do you believe western Europeans experienced the most significant change between 300 and 1789? Was it: • The Religious development of Western Europe? • The Political development of Western Europe? • The Economic development of Western Europe? • The Intellectual development of Western Europe (this might include philosophy or mentality, as well as scientific, technological, or medical developments) • Is there any area in which you believed Western European society remained the same? You can take any position you choose to answer this question, but: • You must choose ONE development. Do not try to argue for them all. • You must draw evidence for your chosen development from at least 15-20 of the approximately 54 primary sources that we have considered over the source of the semester (Some of your sources can be works of art or music, but you must also refer to some of the primary source texts you were assigned to read this semester, or those you selected for your Discussion Board posts. Please note that sources that were not assigned this semester will NOT count toward your required number of 15-20 sources). • You MUST adhere to the principles of academic integrity, and not draw your arguments from any secondary works on the internet. A plagiarized paper cannot earn academic credit.

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