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  1. The Mistakes You Make in a Meeting’s First Milliseconds    



    write a 200 word discussion on the wall street journal article https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-mistakes-you-make-in-a-meetings-first-milliseconds


Subject Nursing Pages 2 Style APA


The Mistakes You Make in a Meeting’s First Milliseconds

People have snap judgments on others when they first meet without understanding the characters of their encounters. In most cases, such judgments are based on biases made based on the physical outlook of individuals. Primarily, it usually turns out that first-time judgments people make on others are wrong (Shellenbarger, 2021). For instance, someone would trust an individual in the first few seconds because the individual resembles someone trustworthy he or she knows. The development of perception on people based on the first impression is irresistible. Thus, people are likely to make mistakes when they meet for a meeting, especially meetings involving negotiations. That is, it may make someone trust the wrong people and avoid the trustworthy people who are genuine business people. 

However, it is possible to control how people perceive you, especially in the early seconds of the encounter. Having a happy expression is likely to make the other person comfortable with you and consider you trustworthy. Primarily, it is important to keep a bright facial expression even when no one is looking (Shellenbarger, 2021). Being relaxed and confident is also a crucial technique to ensure a warm perception from others. Confidence is enhanced through warm greeting and adjusted posture. It is good to avoid putting one hand in the pocket while greeting, it is an indication of being rude, bossy, and controlling. The first impression determines the stereotypical perception people develop towards one another.  






Shellenbarger, S. (2021). The Mistakes You Make in a Meeting’s First Milliseconds. Retrieved 16 May 2021, from https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-mistakes-you-make-in-a-meetings-first-milliseconds-1517322312

















Appendix A:

Communication Plan for an Inpatient Unit to Evaluate the Impact of Transformational Leadership Style Compared to Other Leader Styles such as Bureaucratic and Laissez-Faire Leadership in Nurse Engagement, Retention, and Team Member Satisfaction Over the Course of One Year

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