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The monthly life insurance premium charged by an insurance company is dependent on the age of the applicant. A basic premium of €32.50 is charged and an additional number of €7.50 increments is added based on the applicant’s current age as per the following table
age less than 20 number of increments 0
age 20 to 34 number of increments 1
age 35 to 49 number of increments 3
age 50 to 64 number of increments 6
Applicants aged 65 and over will not be considered.
Write a program that
a) will allow the user to enter the current date and the date of birth of an applicant (in the form dd mm yyyy) and will compute the applicant’s age
b) where applicable, based on the applicant’s age will ascertain the number of increments that apply to this applicant
c) will calculate and display the required monthly premium



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