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  1. The Movie, wizard of Oz


    As you watch the clip, assess the character AKA your client. How does the character look? Skin color? Joints? Mobility? Stature? What does the client state that his problem is?

    What do you notice about the characters? What color are the characters? How would
    you describe the character’s joints? Voice? Hair? Mobility? What does the character state?

    Rubic grading
    Assessment is thorough and includes all relevant topics. Questions provided are utilized.
    The Movie is wizard of Oz and available on youtube if the file is not opening. You are assessing The Tin man, The Scarecrow, The Lion and the Wicked witch of the west.



Subject Literature Pages 3 Style APA


The Wizard of Oz

            In the movie, The Wizard of Oz, all characters appear to have a problem that sends them in search of Emerald City. That is because they believe that the Wizard of Oz can help fix their problems and give them the parts that they miss. Once this is done, the characters believe that they can become more humanlike.

Tin Man

            In the film, The Wizard of Oz, the client appears pale and rusty. His skin colour is greyish, which could be the reason why he is referred to as Tin Man. After being rained on, his joints became stuck from the rust, which is why his joints are also immobile. The overall body movement is unlike that of his friends, since he is made of tin. He walks stiffly since there is limited joint movement. Initially, before he was rescued, Tin Man was rusted and could not even move his lip joints. However, he felt better after oil was used to mobilize these joints. According to this client, he states that he has a problem since he does not have a heart. That is why when his chest is banged, it echoes inside. He believes that once he gets a heart, he will be able to act more like a human and be kind and caring to those he likes (Treas et al., 2018). Therefore, not having a heart seems to be a problem that is currently impacting his wellbeing.

The Scarecrow

            The Scarecrow is a character whose skin is white in color and rugged. His nose is red, which is what makes him appear more like a clown. He walks with his back bent forward, and makes sudden movements, unlike a normal human being. He does not seem to be making complete sense of his surrounding, which is why he never seems to understand anything that is communicated to him (Treas et al., 2018). His hair is mostly hidden under the cap that he has on. However, from the part that is visible, one can easily tell that it is unkempt as it sticks to his head. It does not seem like any other human hair. According to this character, he needs brains to become perfect. That is why he is on the journey to seek the Wizard of Oz.

The Lion

            In the Wizard of Oz, the Lion is a hairy being that walks on two legs unlike other Lions. He is well built and appears brown in color, including the face. However, with paws instead of palms and legs, one can easily tell what creature it represents. Instead of walking like other human beings, the Lion hops from one place to the other. From the hair on his body, it is difficult to see his joints. However, the face has whiskers and the ears are located at the top of his head. According to this character, he lacks courage which would make him function properly as a lion (Treas et al., 2018). He is easily scared, even by his own imagination.

The Wicked Witch of the West

            In the movie, the wicked witch’s face and body is green in color. The posture is a bit crooked and she does not walk straight. This character’s face is also creepy since the eyes wink at different times. The fingers are also longer than expected. This character gets killed by Dorothy unexpectedly when she pours water on her. This makes her melt just as she was planning to kill Dorothy and her friends.


            All the characters seem to have a flaw that caused their journey to Emerald City. Aside from the wicked witch, the other characters were looking for the wizard of Oz so that they could get the features which would make them perfect and improve their functionality.




Treas, L. S., Wilkinson, J. M., Barnett, K. L., & Smith, M. H. (2018). Basic Nursing: Thinking, Doing, and Caring (2nd ed.).



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