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Answer questions for each job description.
Explain the overall job description .
What makes the job description attractive?
What would you change about the job description based on the company and or job?
What type of job analysis do you think took place to develop the job description?
I attached job description

Job description
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Dialysis Clinic, Inc. is recruiting top talent interested in supporting our nonprofit mission to prioritize individualized care for patients facing chronic kidney disease. Our mission states “the care of the patient is our reason for existence,” and our dedicated team embodies our sole purpose during every patient interaction. We seek motivated, compassionate individuals to provide top-notch patient care and offer paid training, competitive pay, outstanding benefits, Sundays off and a positive, mission-driven culture. Join DCI today to build relationships and gain fulfillment serving individuals in our comfortable clinical setting with a lower caregiver-to-patient ratio than other providers.
The Patient Care Technician (PCT) provides care to patients with end-stage renal disease, supporting clinical staff throughout the dialysis treatment process to deliver prescribed treatments. Our PCTs are an integral part of the interdisciplinary team in ensuring safe care and the highest quality outcomes for every patient.
Schedule: This is a Float position – full-time, 4 days/week; Sundays off; no overnight shifts
Paid 12-week training with preceptor
Comprehensive medical, dental and vision benefits
Life and long-term care insurance provided at no additional expense to employee
Paid time off (PTO) including holidays
Extended Sick Bank (ESB) in addition to PTO – paid time for doctor appointments, sickness or medical leave
Retirement plans with $.50 of each contributed dollar matched for eligible employees, up to 8 percent
Education reimbursement
Employee assistance program
Wellness program
Among others
What You Can Expect:
Actively participate in infection control, risk management and patient education activities
Guide new patients through 120-day education plan
Obtain and record patient vital signs and machine readings during treatment
Role under RN supervision
Set up and break down dialysis blood system for treatment
Insert and remove patient access needles
Monitor patients during dialysis, document changes and inform charge nurse of any concerns
Calculate patient’s weight loss to reach dry weight
Determine patient care priorities and organize work load accordingly
Maintain professional working relationship, observing patient privacy and rights
Maintain and track inventory
Perform laboratory work

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