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• EVP is about projecting where the various teams will end up when the project is over budget or behind schedule if we keep working at the same rate.
• Calculate the estimated future performance of each team using the formulas found in the Formula Table in Chapter 7 of the PMBOK or in the Formula Table document found in the above Practice Activity.
• Continue working in the same spreadsheet as the Earned Value Analysis section above, using the current performance data to estimate future performance.
• Include a brief discussion right below the projections table explaining the process and formulas you used, especially for those calculations that may have multiple available calculation options.
Part C3:
• Analyze the progress and performance of this project based on workgroup analysis, project schedule performance, cost estimates, and variation in planned completion date. Are they close to being on budget or on schedule? Which team is doing the best or worst?
Part D1:
• Create a burndown chart using Excel, charting current project performance up through the date of the status reports.
Part D2:
• Discuss the chart projection shown for the project on the Burndown Chart, and include future thoughts on team performance, if continued at the pace currently followed. If there are differences or inconsistencies between the burndown chart and the schedule performance from the earned value analysis, discuss what might cause that and which you think is a better indicator of team performance.
Part E:
• As you interpret the results from the burndown chart and other metrics, brainstorm what underlying root issues may be causing those numbers and what you might do to address the actual problems and not just the symptoms.
• For items B-D2 shown above, discuss a Mitigation Plan to solve problems and move the project forward successfully. Use each team’s budget and schedule performance to brainstorm possible problems three of the teams may be facing – different combinations of budget and schedule performance will indicate different issues each team is facing. The charts and metrics calculations are symptoms. Look for underlying root issues to solve rather than throwing money at the symptoms. Consider the effects of your recommended mitigation strategies on the project’s triple constraints.

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