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consult with stakeholders to determine the scope of the assessment task, understand the team structure, roles, and responsibilities. In this part of the assessment, your trainer/assessor will allocate you a team and you will be required to understand how your role is different from other team members. What is required or expected from you to complete the allocated project.
You are expected to:
• Identify your own job role and responsibilities
• Articulate the roles of other team members
• Plan and prioritise own tasks
• Comply with time frames and team requirements
To complete this assessment task students are required to participate in a meeting using the template provided:
When conducting the meeting, you are required to:
• Greet the team members
• Discuss the scope of the skills assessment
• Discuss the requirements to
• Ensure the understanding of the team members.
• Gather feedback from the team members.
o Use listening and questioning to elicit the views of others and to clarify or confirm understanding
• Discuss the roles and responsibilities of the team members.

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