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The Scientific Revolution changed the way people perceived the world around them. This shift in thought led to revolutions in pretty much every branch of science.

What kinds of sciences come to mind when thinking about the Scientific Revolution? Your assignment is to list three different areas of science that changed significantly in the Scientific Revolution. You are provided one example to get you started.

After you have come up with three areas of the sciences you will write three to four sentences on how these sciences contributed to the Scientific Revolution. Make sure you are going below the surface: who contributed and how they created change, what ideas were challenged, what questions did they want answered?

After you have completed your chart, you will need to choose one Great Thinker of The Scientific Revolution and explain in one complete paragraph how they challenged the norms of the time period. Be specific on what the accepted view was and how the person changed the way people thought about that norm. While this assignment can be completed without outside research, you will likely enjoy it more if you pick an area of science you are interested in and research it a bit to see how it came out of the Scientific Revolution.

As always, remember to use the template provided—either submit it after filling it out or reference it to make sure you don’t miss any part of the assignment.

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