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Erdas,C. (2020). Wolves and Ravens: Defining a Unique Relationship. Osmosis Magazine 1(6).Retrieved from httiflaond.eduicgiNiewcontent.cgi7articler–10258,context=osmosis Prokaryote Habitats, Relationships, and Microbiomes. (2021, January 3). Retrieved August 6, 2021, from https://bialibretexts.orgt@gokage/5288

  1. What type of relationship is found between the Shark and Pilot Fish, Human Body and Bacteria, or Wolves and Ravens?
  2. What are the short-term and long-term benefits for each species you read about in the article you selected?
  3. What are some of the costs for each of the species as a result of their mutual relationship?
  4. Do you think their relationship could change if resources became scarce or in the case of Human and Bacteria, one bacterial species dominates over the other (give examples)? Why or why not?
    Part II
    Now consider the benefits and costs to businesses in the marketplace: Choose one of the following businesses that are now extinct: RadioShack, ToysRUs, or Barneys New York. Address the following questions in Part II of your assignment:
  5. What were some of the long-run costs associated with operating the business?
  6. Who were their competitors?
  7. What were the factors that contributed to the decision to shut down the business?
  8. Do you think your chosen company could have been successful by adopting a mutually beneficial partnership. similar to organisms in the wild? Why or why not?

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