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“The STAIR Tool” we look at one approach to help investigators manage an investigation. In at least one (1-2) pages:

(1) discuss the STAIR model/tool from our readings and identify the 5 general elements of that model;

(2) pick at least one the general elements to discuss in more detail; and

(3) give an opinion at the end of your paper as to whether you think you would find this overall process helpful to conducting an investigation and explain why or why not.

For example, within SITUATION there are 4 elements included in that step – after defining the purpose for the SITUATION step, discuss the 4 more specific steps and explain what you think would happen if an investigator failed to take those steps. Finally, looking at the overall STAIR model and the steps is includes, express an opinion as to whether you think this is a useful approach and support your opinion.

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