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Write a reflection paper that addresses the questions posed in the following scenario:
Ms. Touey, age 66, is HIV positive and is having a complete physical and an outpatient mammogram performed in the Women’s Imaging Center of General Hospital in the state of Maine. She had her last physical and mammogram in an outpatient clinic in the state of Kentucky. Her physician in Maine is
requesting a copy of her complete records, and the radiologist at General Hospital would like to review the digital images of the mammogram performed at the outpatient clinic in Kentucky for comparison purposes. Ms. Touey also is having a test for the BrCa gene and is requesting the genetic test results of her deceased aunt who had a history of breast cancer.
Consider the common medical scenario. Potential areas of concern based on this scenario are:
Authenticating entities and individuals. How does this concern affect the use of an EMR versus an EHR, if any?
Determining processes and laws for the release of genetic and HIV information. How would this concern influence the timeliness of the needed information if the information were contained in an EMR versus an EHR? Why is the timeliness in receiving the information needed?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of receiving information if the information was in an EMR versus an EHR in this clinical scenario?
What is meaningful use, and how does the concept of meaningful use enter this situation?
What is MACRA certification, and what are the advantages of using MACRA systems?

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