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The use of playbooks is very common in sports. They can also serve very important purposes in business—as a user manual that outlines knowledge needed so anyone on your team can help ensure business continuity. But most importantly, security playbooks can keep your business running smoothly if a business experiences attacks or intrusions that can occur at any time.

For this assignment, you work for an enterprise business. The board of directors is worried about recent ransomware attacks that have happened across several industries that have made the news. They want to make sure the organization is prepared for potential attacks. You have been asked to present to the board of directors 3 playbooks that would be utilized as part of the incident response plan specifically for risk management at the business level. Create a playbook for each of the following:
SQL Injection
Website Compromise
Exploitation of Windows 7 Workstations
Read Cybersecurity in 2021 from All Hands on Tech for help completing this assignment.

To complete this, you should create a 12- to 16-slide presentation with speaker notes and media such as images, video, or tables that will be presented to the board of directors. Specifically, your presentation should do the following:
Explain the importance of using playbooks to risk management.
Summarize the risks of the 3 threats listed above and recommendation of remediation plan presented in the labs associated with SQL Injection, Website Compromise, and Exploitation of Windows 7 Workstations.
Summarize incident response plans for each of the 3 attack scenarios listed above.
Justify NIST implementation, including an explanation of why it is the best option rather than another quicker and easier process.

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