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A good introduction should set the scene for this report (it should provide a brief background about qualitative research). You should include an overview of the purpose of the research and then provide the mission statement (what you will cover in this report). 150-200 words

Epistemology and ethics:
• Discuss epistemological issues in relation to this research
The main text of your report would need to include the definitions of epistemology. Discuss the epistemological perspective of qualitative research and how that relates to the interviews you are to analyse.

• Discuss relevant ethical issues
The main text should discuss the meaning of ethics in relation to research. Explain/discuss the ethical principles and issues that you think the researcher may have considered prior to data collection

• Discuss methodology and methods
The main text should be a brief discussion of the qualitative method and then narrow your discussion to focus groups as methods used for collecting data in this report. You could also mention the method you will adopt for data analysis (thematic analysis)
800 words
• Identify two/three themes emerging from the participant’s responses in the transcript

Based on your data analysis, write your findings. The findings section should address each theme that emerged from your data analysis, supporting them with evidence/quotes from the interviews. You need to use the actual interviewees’ statements as examples (try to use short and relevant statements)
Plagiarism will not be effective on the quotes used from the participants
100 words

• Discuss these themes, drawing on an appropriate range of relevant social science academic, research and policy material to enable you to develop your analysis
In the discussion section, you should focus on your key findings, linking them to the existing literature on relevant social issues and theories that related to those themes. You could choose three main themes and discuss them in this section giving in-depth analysis.
1000 words

• Draw conclusions based on the data analysis
Ensure you have included an in-depth conclusion of your findings.
200 words





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