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    . What are your thoughts on puberty and risk taking behaviors? Include one example of a risk taking behavior. Cite reference


Subject Early childhood development Pages 2 Style APA


Thoughts on poverty and risk-taking behaviors among the Teenagers at puberty
             Before individuals can be categorized as mature young adults in the study of life, they have to pass through the puberty stage. This is a stage in which there is increased body development in terms of size and the internal growth. For instance, at the puberty stage, there is increased secretion of certain hormones in the body. This happens to both males and females. At puberty, the main body changes are sexual. This means that starting at this point the teens can reproduce. In males, this is due to the production of semen while in the females it is attributed to the maturity of the ovaries.
            Thus during the puberty stage, the teens are prone to taking risks. Some of these risks are good while others have a negative impact. However, most of the risks the teens take at puberty have negative effects. Some of the risk-taking behaviors experienced at this point include an increased appetite to fighting amongst both genders. This is brought about by the growth in body size hence the puberty teens feel that they are strong enough to engage in fights. Also, increased secretion of adrenaline has been attributed to this. Those who survive their puberty period with no physical injuries, emotional injuries or contraction of sexually transmitted diseases have a tale to tell in future. Puberty is a stage which everyone has to pass through, but the difference is if one chooses to deal with this stage in a positive manner or a negative manner. In most teens, they deal with it engaging in negative behaviors (Collado et al., 2014).
           An example of such behavior includes engaging in unprotected sex at this stage. This is one of the many risks teens associate themselves with at puberty. This exposes the females to early pregnancies and the males to early fatherhood. Also, this exposes them to sexually transmitted diseases. In females, the reproductive system is not fully developed which is another problem too. Hence, the teens need some guidance and counseling at the puberty stage.


Collado, A., MacPherson, L., Kurdziel, G., Rosenberg, L. A., & Lejuez, C. W. (2014). The relationship between puberty and risk-taking in the real world and in the laboratory. Personality and individual differences, 68, 143-148.


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