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Time-Based Competition


Subject Business Pages 2 Style APA


History of time based competition

Competition is visible in every living thing and depends or relies on a bunch of factors such as, speed and time. A firm that utilizes avoid short forms in academic writing time to perfection in an attempt to evolve with the fluctuating market situations is always ahead of their competitors. In short, time in relation with competition concept is when use either companies or firm but not both frequently rely on the consumer demands and trying to establish better goods and services for the consumers in terms new products and technologies getting into the market. A number of researches back the fact that time management will enable a firm achieve a competitive advantage but it entails a number of other factors too like methods and tools of management theory.

Many businesses that engage in time-based competition try to reduce the time allocated to each stage of general cycle by getting rid of non-value adding activities thus using time well in terms of coordinating all the activities or process required. Furthermore, companies  achieve their advantage by making sure that when response time to consumer needs is shorter than the one demonstrated by rivals, the company can achieve competitive advantage that is superior on a regular, tends to be dominant and is all expressed in speed which contributes to a myriad of factors such as short delivery time, lower costs, higher quality services and goods, flexibility and quality delivery. This last sentence is too long. It needs to be broken down.

Although the term time-based competition is relatively new, it has been used many times and it dates back to the early 20th century while dealing works of classical management theory from tactical view and its relevance is evident in the day to day running of an efficient business entity. In this new generation schools are starting to teach business men and women the significance of time-based competition to help create a healthy environment for a business to operate and make maximum profit from its activities, like offering lessons on quantitative methods for time management which helps a lot gaining a systematic way of operation.




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It’s a good paper in terms of coherence but does not fully answer the question.However, it does not fully answer the question. As I have noted before, the answer should focus on the question and not beat around the bush. For instance, the question is about the history of time to competition or time-based competition as you have noted in the second paragraph. I needed the paper to talk about its history.


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