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explain the transhistorical narrative and the historical narrative of Islam (you should be able to speak about its cosmological dimension…as well as of its human context, i.e., Muhammad ibn Abdullah & his Meccan context.

2). Please define Islam, Iman, and Ihsan. What do each one of these aspects of this religion pertain to?

3). How did Muslims investigate the claim that Muhammad said or did something (i.e., hadith/traditions)? (Be detailed).

4). Please explain the content of the Vedas (Rigveda in particular), the role of the Brahmin (scholarly/priestly class), and of the Upanishad’s with regards to the Vedas.

5). The rise of the second urbanization of India (around 5th century B.C) brought with it many intellectual changes which challenged the role of the Brahmin class (explain).

6). Shankara, founder of the Advaita (not-two) Vedanta school of Hinduism, explained the relation of Brahman to Atman, as well as the relation of Brahman nirguna to Brahman Saguna. Please explain this relation.

7). The first and second truth of the Buddha state that: 1. we are always suffering, and, 2. We know the cause of this suffering. Please attempt to explain the causal link which causes this suffering, keeps us in ignorance and within the samsara system of life and death.

8). Please explain the relationship between impermanence, codependent origination, and no-selfhood.

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