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Journal Exercise #10: The term A-HA Moments became popular and referenced regularly by Oprah Winfrey…and perhaps was even coined by her. The field of social psychology is often considered to be linked by many students of the discipline with common sense or everyday living in the world. For this Assignment I ask that you consider what you have read and studied so far this term within this course. This assignment provides you with an opportunity to specifically identify and share some of the moments that you have personally experienced that match up with social-psychological principles. Please discuss and report instances in your daily life that remind you of principles and concepts learned in this social psychology class’ materials or readings so far… your so-called “Ah-ha!” moments. This can be a really enjoyable opportunity to connect your learning with your everyday life.

Define your understanding of an A-HA Moment. Select and describe a situation or experience you have had recently. Explain the social psychological term, principle or theory that this experience matches with and how. Conclude your entry by reflecting on how often you have carried out this matching process since the start of the term and how likely you are to continue to do that moving forward. This entry is meant to be a matching of textbook terminology/content with your own life experience. Please take time to really consider the learning and it’s application to your life from start to end of the term. This is your final journal entry.

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