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    1.How can data from public social media be used to support IT audits?



Subject Technology Pages 2 Style APA


Use of Public Social Media Data to Support IT Audits

Information technology (IT) audits describe an organization’s information technology infrastructure strategies and operations. Social media is a source of data that consists of shares, likes, and comments. This paper evaluates the use of public social media data in supporting information technology audits.

Social media data supports IT audits by helping organizations determine which networks are working by ensuring the accounts align with the current brand image and qualities. These data help IT audits ensure the accounts use recent images that comply with the social network’s image size specifications and hashtags.

Social media data also supports IT audits by helping to outline which profiles need to be restored or shut down. This is done by tracking all of the social media accounts by searching the web and social networks to determine if there are unrecognized accounts that are not related to the organization (Newberry, 2020). Through this process, it is possible to set up a social media monitoring program to watch on imposter accounts that may arise later.

Social media audit also helps outline new chances for growth and engagement of the organization’s viewers by identifying the best posts. This is done by determining which posts have the best engagement; thus, including links of the high-performing posts on the social media platform.

In summary, social media data helps support IT audits. The data from the social media accounts helps identify the networks that are working by ensuring they align with the firm’s current brand image. Social media data also helps identify imposter accounts and helps the firm develop a social media monitoring program to watch such imposter accounts. Firms can identify new opportunities for engaging the viewers by using social media data to support IT audits.




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