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Chapter 5: Professional Responsibilities, Ethical Behavior, and Legal Requirements in
Educational Assessments
Part A- After reading this week’s readings & resources, respond to the following prompt. Why
should teachers consider the validity and reliability of assessments? 400 words.
Part BReliability and Validity
Create a recipe for a teacher who wants to increase the reliability and validity of an assessment.
Provide a brief explanation of results from an assessment that a teacher created for a class of
thirty students. Create a recipe for the teacher to increase both the reliability and validity of the
assessment. Explain how the teacher will know if the recipe was successful. 500 words.
Part C- Assessment Bias
Using information from chapter 5, create a flyer (front and back, 2 pages in total length) for
teachers to avoid assessment bias. Be sure to include at least two tips for teachers regarding
ethical, professional, and legal responsibilities. The flyer should be balanced between text and
graphics. Information should be accurate, relevant to your context, and grammatically free from

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