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Choose one or two media texts that you find interesting (you should find them by yourself, they can be books, films, TV programs and advertisements and any other types of media text; BTW, do not use sample paper’s media texts!!!)
1) How has the way the audience has accessed and interacted with the media text privileged or prioritised a particular meaning or understanding?
2) What are the main genres, narrative forms and/or platforms that have been employed? What role do they play in generating meaning?
3) How are intertextual elements employed and what layers of meaning does this add?
4) Describe the way in which the text(s) is gendered and the implications this has for the way it operates in society?
5) How is the target audience defined? What are the ways in which it addresses and constructs a particular audience or community?
6) Identify the specific ideological agenda that is exhibited. How is this conveyed and what specific cultural codes or signs does it employ?





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