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Create a formal presentation of your plan for a board of examiners acting as your
organization’s executive level management team.
You are required to submit a 20 slide, slide show of your presentation. Follow the below steps:
For the PowerPoint: Create a 15-20 minute PowerPoint (or similar application)
presentation addressing the following:
• Identify the needs of the community that will be addressed in your emergency
• Discuss ways to include the “Whole Community” in the planning process.
• Discuss how you engaged in the risk assessment process.
• Provide a sample of the hazards/threats you identified and the risks associated
with these hazards/threats.
• Provide a sample of the key resources and key capabilities needed to address
the risks associated with these hazards/threats.
• Describe the budgetary concerns you have with implementing this plan.
• Describe how you will exercise your plan according to HSEEP principles.
• Discuss what methods will you use to communicate your plan to the planning
• Describe how you will engage in plan maintenance.
• Provide a conclusion emphasizing the key points of your presentation.
• Provide a list of references for your resources.

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