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    topic 1   Vendor Management


    1. In one sentence explain why is it important to have good relationships with other wedding planners.
    2. In one sentence explain the benefits and drawbacks of competition.
    3. In one sentence explain why you should collect your final payment at least two weeks before the wedding.

    topic 2  Client Management


    1. Give three reasons why evaluation is so important.
    2. In three sentences distinguish between formative and summative evaluation and briefly explain why one of these is inappropriate for wedding evaluation.
    3. Name the three types of questionnaire items and very briefly explain how they differ.
    4. Give three examples of common wording problems that you need to avoid when writing questionnaires.
    5. APA6th style reference 150 words 


Subject Business Pages 3 Style APA


Wedding Management

Vendor Management

            A wedding planner should have a good relationship with others to facilitate good communication needed to discuss and deliver the needs and wants of the couple.

            Competition pushes an individual to improve on the quality of products and services but it may shrink the customer base, force reduction of prices, and reduce the market share.

            Final payment should be collected at least two weeks before the wedding date to avoid failure of remittance once the services have been offered.

Client Management

            Evaluation is important for success optimization, possible improvements, and to determine whether the objectives are met.

            Formative evaluation is used to facilitate improvement and development of a program in progress. Summative evaluation is conducted at the close of the program to check whether goals have been met. Summative evaluation is not appropriate for a wedding because no corrections can be done.

            Questionnaires can be structured, unstructured or mixed. Structured are for quantitative, unstructured for qualitative while mixed ones can be used for both research types.

            Avoid use of absolutes, unclear and leading words in questionnaires


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