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To identify the theory which resonates with you and this issue of whether college athletes should be paid.
To formulate your opinion on whether college athletes should be compensated for their time in college and playing sports.
• Do all athletes get paid or only the income generating sports?
• What are the income generating sports?
• As of June 30, 2021 the NCAA adopted a NIL policy for student athletes. Read about it in NCAA.com (Links to an external site.)
• Name, Image, Likeness, What College Athletes Should Know About NCAA Rules (Links to an external site.)
Please make sure to read the article below before answering.
$6 Billion Heist: Robbing College Athletes Under the Guise of Amateurism Download $6 Billion Heist: Robbing College Athletes Under the Guise of Amateurism
This is a topic right now in college sports………. please use information from the book and outside sources to formulate your opinion and perspective.
An interactionist theorist would argue that collegiate athletes deserve to be paid, especially those who play sports such as football and basketball that generate enormous revenue for universities. A functionalist theorist would maintain that we should do what has always been done….. not pay athletes. Who is correct?
Use one of the social theories to answer the question: should college athletes be paid?
Please write your answer with a minimum of 200 words.
Please make sure to acknowledge your sources. Take a look at the citation guide that is posted and I recommend downloading and keeping it. Please do NOT only write your opinion……..use outside sources like the textbook, etc.

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