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Watch the video and respond to the question, “Why Study Men and Masculinities?” Reference at least two scenes from the video, and reference information from at least two of the four possible readings below.

• The Mask You Live In; Siebel Newsom, Jennifer. The Mask You Live In. The Representation Project, 2015.

• Bakar, Faima. “Men Break Down Toxic Masculinity and Explain How to Be a Man in This Series of Pictures.” Metro, 25 February 2019.
• Clemens, Colleen. “Say No to ‘Boys Will Be Boys’.” Learningforjustice.com, 21 December 2017.
• Hearn, Jeff. “So What Has Been, Is, and Might Be Going on in Studying Men and Masculinities.” Some Continuities and Discontinuities. Men and Masculinities, vol. 22, no. 1, 2019, pp. 53-63.
• Wong, Alia. “The Many Possible Meanings of the ‘Masculinity Crisis’.” The Atlantic, 26 June 2018.


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