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  1. Writing a visual CV





    Surf the NET and pick a visual CV of your choice (I uploaded the Visual CV in the files), then attempt the following:

    Analyze the semiotics of the chosen visual CV such as the [visual narrativity, composition, colours etc.]. You need to shed light on how the narrative is elaborated in such a multimodal text.

    Discuss how creativity in telling a particular version of a career story helps an applicant in getting the intended job i.e. achieving its purpose/function.


Subject Functional Writing Pages 6 Style APA


Semiotic Text Analysis


Language and creativity have been established as crucial aspect in writing, especially in the digital designs (Toth, 2013). Visual art and design no longer make appeal without the incorporation of well-crafted language that seeks to enhance the understanding of the text (Kress & Leeuwen, 2006). Visual grammar is realized based on haw an individual communicates using visual forms. It is structured with others and in a way that they enhance use of the visuals in everyday life scenario. Language is governed by rules, and the cultural environment determines the rule of the system. Thus, language can be used to modify ideology depending on how it is used or presented (Norris & Maier, 2014). Even in the visual art and designs of contemporary visual presentations in the cooperate world, such as marketing and presentation of curriculum vitae, language is considered dominant mode of communication. Primarily, for effective understanding of meaning in visual art and designs, both the visual mode and appearance accompanying language is crucial (Toth, 2013). The paper will entail an analysis of a visual art in form of a CV concerning aspects such as semiotic considerations. Besides, the influence of creativity in telling career story of an applicant will also be discussed based on sample CV.

The applicant is a designer, thus, there is need to show creativity skills in designing the CV. The CV is organized into two sections with different colors and roles. The first section is the part containing the personal information of the author, profile, and skills. The organization is distinct and addresses the need to separate personal information from the contextual aspects of the document. The use of visual narrative in the CV is practical and appealing. The author has used various colors to blend with different types of information presented in the text. It has a black background with a red flip at the top near the profile picture, and the text in this section is in white to ensure that the color contrast produces the best visibility of the text. Besides, the picture of the applicant is in bright colors making a black background more appropriate in revealing the qualities of the image.

The primary color used in the background is white, which is the standard color of writing a CV. It ensures that the texts written in black are seen clearly. The most interesting use of color in the CV is the application of a reddish brown color to separate various section of the paper. Sections such as education, work experience, courses, and area of experience are perfectly separated using the reddish brown streak from which the headings are indicated. The overall background color is the same as the separating reddish brown streak, this brings a unique appeal, and uniformity to the CV. Color semantics is language is very important, especially when it directly influences the choice in a job application. While coloring of CVs is secondary in many recruitment exercises, it is an essential aspect for people seeking to be employed as digital designers (Toth, 2013). 

The CV has a perfect composition concerning the arrangements of various aspects of the paper to one another. The applicant uses idea-real composition, which supports the arrangements of activities are from top to bottom. For instance, considering her work experience, she started with his current position of work and proceeds downwards until where he was first employed as a designer in 2012. Education is also arranged from the latest educational qualification down to the first qualification in high school. Thus, it follows that the aspects of areas of interest are also listed based on the degree of interest. The profile section is arranged in the most logical manner starting from personal information and contacts, brief description, and skills that makes the applicant suitable for the Job.

Connotation is also used to enhance the appeal of language to the reader of the text (Norris & Maier, 2014). For instance, she says that she has worked in various firms with related practices as the company to which she applying a job. Thus, she has more than six years experience that she brings to improve the performance of the organization. Besides, she has been committed to his jobs since she landed her first employment in 2012 as a web designer. Thus, she appeals to the recruiting body to look at her commitment and need to serve in the organization. The use of denotation of words in the CV is to convey exact meanings as intended by the applicant. The author carefully chooses words that have positive connotation. For instance, “Professional UI designer I carry six years plus experience in UI/UX design and development.” The statement contains a positive connotation since it informs the recruiting team that besides being hopeful of achieving greater things in the field of design, the applicant brings significant experience needed by the company.

The author of the CV uses various signs and symbols to enhance the visual appeal of the documents. One of the signs used is the profile photograph of the applicant embedded on the left right corner of the CV. She has put a beautiful photograph of her to give the Impression of how she looks like. In the photo, the recruiting team can conclude that she is not only intelligent, based on her education credentials presented in the CV, but she is also beautiful and good looking. The CV has indexical signs that express natural connection with specific aspects indicated in texts. For instance, in the sections indicating areas of interest, the author uses red heart s sign to express the intensity of love for the activities listed in the section. The use of symbol in the documents only relates to its object in conventional and arbitrary manner. For example, the language used by the applicant is specific to the job she applying. She uses technical terms that are understood only by the people in the profession. For example, she says that she is currently pursuing IDF courses for UX designer, such language is specific to the kind of application she is making. 

Creativity in telling your career path is essential to convince the panel to consider you. It is a way of convening the panel that you are more suitable for the job using creative story telling skills. During an interview, one of the crucial storytelling skills is maintaining eye contact with panel members to keep them glued to your account (Smiciklas, 2012). Having keen interest through eye contact makes the panel pay keen interest in your career story, making them pick essential aspects that are important for the job in question. The choice of words when telling your career story is essential since it informs the audience that you had a positive experience in your earlier career and can deliver for the employing organization. For instance, the words should be terminologies that are specific to the practices in the profession (Toth, 2013). Plane words without professional meanings may make the panel to doubt your competence for the job. Creating suspense is also a crucial technique to make the panel interesting in your story. It is important to be chronological in the story. Highlight main achievements during your career as a way of expressing competence. In the middle of the story, bring known characters that you have interacted with in the profession and that significance of such interactions. It is appropriate to end with a positive take away statement that gives confidence to the interviewing panel.

Semantics in the use of language is a creative manner helps to improve the appeal of text (Rowsell, 2012). Besides, organization structure, coloring and positrons all contributes to the meaning and clarity of a test. CV is one of the most important types of writing in an individual’s life since it is a summery presentation qualifications, skills, and experience of an applicant that makes one qualified for a given job. Therefore, it is crucial to include semiotic qualities in the digital resumes to make them appealing and convincing to the recruiting panel. The use of signs and symbols are crucial to enhancing crucial aspects of the document. Nonetheless, using colors to bring contrasts and beauty to the document, the composition, and arrangement of the subjects in CV should bring an impressive design. Nonetheless, it is crucial to use storytelling techniques while narrating your career story to the panel. For instance, maintaining eye contact, introducing known contact, using career relevant terms, and finishing with positive take away increases chances of making interviewing panel members more interested in the story.




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