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James is a 24-year-old male who was referred for a Sex Offender Specific Risk Assessment. James was raised in a family with a mother who was addicted to drugs and an absent father. He reported memories of being sexually assaulted as a young boy. He has obvious developmental delays, has always been in special-education classes, and, for the most part, has had difficulty maintaining relationships. He does have a criminal history involving minor criminal offenses, drug possession, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

James listed his name on Craigslist, essentially offering himself as a male escort and a homosexual prostitute. He came under police scrutiny for this behavior and was caught up in a sting operation in which he met an individual who was actually a police officer. He was charged with prostitution, and, as part of the diversion of the criminal justice system, he was ordered to undergo a Sex Offender Risk Assessment.

During the assessment, James spoke about his choices in life and his belief that his activities on Craigslist should not be viewed as criminal because he was caught in a sting operation. James described himself as bisexual. During the interview, he appeared confused and seemed to have very loose terms concerning his sexual boundaries and activities.

Is James’s behavior criminal and/or deviant in nature?

Identify the case scenario you selected.
Explain whether the action represented in the scenario represents deviant or criminal behavior and why.
Explain how the acceptance or rejection of the action by society may have evolved over time.
Provide an analysis of two or three cultural influences that might have an impact on the judgment of sexual behavior from your chosen scenario.

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