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As a consultant who has come into the organization, your work was well received in describing the importance of establishing project management as a focal point for the development of leaders in the human resource department. To that end, the vice president of the company has asked to have a meeting with you. They are thinking about perhaps hiring you to do some additional consulting work in this important area, perhaps training the leaders regarding this important skill set. Given this opportunity you’ve asked the vice president for a meeting. Specifically, the vice president is interested in looking at some of the larger impacts a focused project management can have on the organization. Specifically, she wants to know the degree to which a greater emphasis on project management could potentially have an impact on the organizational culture. To that end, you want to be prepared for the meeting.
To be prepared for the meeting you are going to write an outline of the points you intend to cover in the form of a paper. This paper should include all of the following components:
• Component 1: Introduction: How do you plan on introducing the concept of project management as it relates to organizational culture?
• Component 2: How will you explain the impact that project management can and should have on an organizational culture?
• Component 3: What could be some suggestions as to what steps the vice president could take to make sure this essential element is enforced?
• Component 4: Conclusion: How will you conclude your meeting? What will you say to bring the meeting to fruition?

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