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Discuss one point in the legislature process where you feel that political action could be focused to either support or defeat this bill. Please be specific to the
bill, the process for this bill and to the legislators and committees most relevant to the bill. What action would you recommend nurses take relevant to the
legislative process for this bill? You may choose a point of action that has already passed or that you anticipate will occur (but should make clear this stands
in time). (One paragraph).
Who are your representatives in the House of Representatives and Senate? Describe any involvement or potential involvement in this bill (for example: are
they a sponsor, do they sit on any relevant committees?). (One paragraph).
Please discuss actual or potential involvement of the executive branch (including regulatory) or judicial branch with this bill. What challenges may confront
this bill, if passed, as it moves into implementation and is translated into regulation? Could you imagine that there would be any judicial challenges to this bill,
if passes – please discuss. (One paragraph).


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