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An important aspect of running a successful start-up business is acquiring funding from potential
investors based on information about the business. In this task, you will use the skills you have acquired in
the MBA coursework to complete the test market phase in a business simulation. The simulation is
accessed through your course. Using data from the test market phase (Q1–Q4) of the simulation, you will
create and deliver a multimedia presentation (e.g., PowerPoint, Keynote, OpenOffice) for potential
business investors using the attached “Presentation Template” and information from the scenario. The
objective of the presentation is to obtain capital to be able to take your product fully to market.
You must complete the simulation through the business’s fourth quarter (Q4) before beginning this task.
After working through Q4, including completing the tactical plan through Q6, you’ll work through this
task. After submitting Task 1, immediately submit Q4 in the simulation. Once your Task 1 has been passed,
you’ll be able to move forward in the simulation.
You are the owner of a start-up business that creates 3D-printed, carbon fiber bicycles. Up through the
business’s third quarter (Q3), you have used your own money to fund the business. The business model
shows promise, but you are now seeking an additional 2.5 million in equity funding to execute your
business plan. You will create and deliver a multimedia presentation that showcases your business plan to
potential investors and illustrates how the additional funding will be used and will provide a return to
your investors

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