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The Mind-Body Connection

Since the age of antiquity, scholars have debated if the mind and body are truly connected (meaning that one affects the other), or if the two are separate entities that just happen to co-exist in the same body. In this discussion, we will consider this issue as it...

Muscular system and Nervous system

Congratulations on successfully finishing the last of the A&P series! Over the course of the last eight weeks we’ve discussed the anatomy and physiology of the Digestive, Urinary, and Reproductive systems. We also discussed nutrition, metabolism, human...

The role the retina plays in color perception

Briefly describe the role the retina plays in color perception. Use the information regarding the retina and color perception and any additional resources to describe the opponent-processing theory and its criticisms (Goldstein & Cacciamani, 2021).References:...

Neurological System

Describe major changes that occurs on the neurological system associated to age. Include changes on central nervous system and peripheral nervous system.Define delirium and dementia, specified similarities and differences and describe causes for each one.
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