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Anti-smoking campaigns generally focus on highlighting the negative effects of smoking to dissuade people from smoking. talk about how they used fear appeal etc. find the types of negative strategies to get them to comply.
Review four different anti-smoking campaigns – two that used negative strategies and two that used positive strategies. Talk about how the campaigns were carried out and possibly the outcome of the campaigns. (with references)
A woman walks into an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. A man cashes his disability check. Do you look at them with judgment, with sympathy, or with something in between? How you answer may depend on your perspective toward social welfare.

A look of judgment represents the stigma attached to many social services. Some recipients are more stigmatized than others—for instance, a senior receiving retirement benefits may not be perceived with contempt in the same way that a homeless person at a soup kitchen might be.

For this Discussion, you investigate what stigmatization entails and how you might address it with a certain population.

a response to the following:

Define stigmatization as it relates to receiving social services.
Identify and describe a population that may feel stigmatized in accepting a social service.
Describe a strategy to use with a client to address stigmatization.

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