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develop an internship brief that reflects on your internship experience. Your brief will reflect on how concepts, theories, and practices are used within a real-world workplace and how they can be applied to your future professional goals.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
I. Company
Describe the fashion merchandising or retail company where you completed this internship, and explain why you chose this company.
Explain your duties and responsibilities within this fashion merchandising or retail organization with regard to why you selected this specific
internship opportunity.


Application of Theory

Describe how you applied the theories you learned during your academic program to actual practices within the fashion merchandising or retail
organization. For example, in what ways did you apply what you have learned in solving problems or engaging in workplace practices?
How did the projects you were involved in allow you to demonstrate your knowledge, skills, and abilities in meeting the outcomes of your
Observed Differences
Describe the differences between the theories you learned in the classroom and workplace practices in this internship experience. For example,
what about this experience challenged your assumptions about the theories you learned in an academic setting?
Describe how these differences might impact the effectiveness of professional practices within the fashion merchandising or retail industry.
Describe a situation or event that took place during your internship that you had to respond to. How might you respond differently to that
situation in the future?
If you had the opportunity to do this experience over, how would you approach it differently and why? (If you would not have approached
anything differently, explain why not.) For example, was there key feedback that you received from a colleague or supervisor at the end of the
experience that informed how you would have approached certain tasks or represented yourself?
What would you like to have accomplished that you were unable to because of time, other priorities, and so on? How would experience from
these accomplishments have benefited you in a professional setting? For example, was there a project you wanted to finish? Or were there
projects you would like to have been involved in that would have provided you opportunities to network with others?
Describe the impact this experience has had on your professional goals. Did it change them or just reaffirm them? Why?
Identify insight that you gained from this experience that you could not learn in a classroom setting. Why is this insight valuable?
Describe the connection(s) between your internship experience and your academic program. What specific knowledge and/or skills did you
acquire or enhance as they relate to your professional goals?

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