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While you read about the assimilation process in the course readings, you may have been reminded of your own assimilation into organizations of which you have been a part. Perhaps you recalled your first few days at a new job, during which you kept a careful eye on how your coworkers went about daily activities, eager to figure out the expectations and culture of the organization.
For this Assignment, you will consider your own experiences being socialized into an organization.
In a 1-2-page paper, describe your own experience with the assimilation process.
Your paper should include the following:
• What kind of information was shared with you during the assimilation process? How was the information shared? Did someone sit down with you or did you receive an Employee Handbook with instructions to read it?
• How did others communicate with you to assimilate you into the organization? Was there anything you learned during the process that was not explicitly communicated to you (for example, you may have picked up on expectations through observing other employees’ actions)?
• Describe the organizational process of assimilation and compare it with your own experiences.


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