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Directions: Using the sources posted to Google Classroom, follow the To Do list and Stops Guideline to complete your Timeline.


To Do:
● Choose a partner or decide to work by yourself
● Develop the template for your timeline using Canva, Slides, Drawings or Prezi
● Use the sources posted to the assignment on Google Classroom to investigate what happened
● Determine the 5 stops on your timeline
● Make your timeline look professional and as if it could educate someone on the progression of Black Wall St to the Aftermath of the massacre.
● Submit to Google Classroom by the start of our next class.

  1. Describe Black Wall Street. What was the significance of Greenwood, Oklahoma at the time?
  2. What were significant national AND local factors that you believed caused the event?
  3. Describe what happened at the event. How would you describe what you see in the images?
  4. What was the aftermath? What controversial narrative was being told about what happened?
  5. How do the events at Tulsa help us understand some aspects of race relations today?

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