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Provide a brand audit, using the CBBE model, and identify 2 growth strategies for one of the brands listed below, to demonstrate your understanding of the components of that brand and branding theory.

Using the Brand Resonance Pyramid (CBBE Model) as the central premise of the work, you will critique the key elements of the brand, the building blocks that have been used and how successful they have been. Your report should include:
• an applied and evidenced brand resonance pyramid (CBBE model)
• identification & discussion of the building blocks of the brand
• evidence and application of contemporary branding theories and concepts
• Reference to at least 3 journal articles relevant to the brand and branding
NOTE: It is recommended that you use a maximum of 2000 words for this part of your assignment.
Part b) – relating to weeks 4 – 9, (40% of the marks)
Using Ansoff’s matrix, identify and justify 2 growth strategies for the brand. It is recommended that you use a maximum of 1500 words for this part of your assignment, i.e. 750 words for each strategy.

Choose ONE of the following for your report: IKEA, Innocent, Gymshark, Disney, Tiffany & Co
Focus of the Report
The focus is on the brand (not on the organisation or the marketing activities). Remember to use the different conceptual models/frameworks as presented in the reference books and to apply them to the brand you’ve chosen.
Format of the report
Although it is best not to be too prescriptive in giving a ‘pro forma’ that hinders your creativity, it is crucial that you include some headings rather than an essay type continuous piece of writing. The following are some you might like to consider although you could also combine some of these, and use wording that feels most natural for yourself.
• Introduction – simply and briefly about the brand selected, the concept of branding and introduce the CBBE model. It is suggested that you use a maximum of 150 words for this section.
Part a)
• The brand identity and salience, answering the question Who are you (the brand)?
• The brand meaning, considering performance and imagery, points of parity and difference,

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