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For sources: you may use any of the sources and readings we have used in class. I encourage you to also use other library and online resources, but keep usage of Wikipedia and History.com for reference only. Avoid citing from those sources.
How many sources? – for a 5-7 page paper, you should have at least four, preferably between 5 and 8 sources.
Citations – I encourage students taking history classes to learn how to write footnotes (Chicago style) because it’s good to learn this. I EXPECT History majors to use Chicago Style. For non-History majors, you may use the citation style of your major (APA, MLA, for example) if you are more comfortable doing so.
Academic Integrity – once you send your papers to me on Blackboard email as an attachment, I will put them through SafeAssign. You will hear from me if there is an issue

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