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This first case paper will set the stage for the balance of your Capstone project. Choose an appropriate project organization of suitable size, and with which you are familiar enough to conduct suitable critical analysis. Please choose an IT-related organization. This can be your current organization/unit, or a reasonable portion thereof. The focus can also be a recent organizational assignment within a given organization. If your work or assignment situation is not primarily IT-related, you may still use it. You will simply need to detail how IT and ITM figure into the performance and outcomes of this organization. If you are not currently employed outside the home or in an IT setting, find an organization, or IT personnel in your organization, who would be willing to provide you such IT information as is required as you proceed through the various segments of the Capstone Case. In this case, you must involve IT issues in some meaningful way. For this first Case segment, at minimum, for your chosen organization, provide as much of the following descriptive and analysis information as possible:

Describe and discuss the organization: what it does; its services, products, outputs, or mission; how it fits in any overall larger system; how it is staffed, structured, and organized, etc.
What sort of ‘environmental’ challenges is this organization facing: social, economic, and technological? How are they responding? What are some of the key opportunities, problems, and challenges your organization is facing? What are the IT Governance issues? What are the ethical issues?
You will wish to detail your personal role and contributions to this organization as well as the personal challenges and opportunities you face.

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